Established 1992

Waukesha County Land Conservancy

protecting and caring for environmentally significant land
and water in Waukesha County for future generations

The Waukesha County Land Conservancy (WCLC) was founded on April 22, 1992 with a mission to protect scenic or environmentally significant lands in Waukesha County.

In 1994, we protected our first property, Martin’s Woods, a State Natural Area, with assistance from The Nature Conservancy. Martin’s Woods contains some of the greatest plant diversity in the Waukesha County with thousands of red trillium and a locally rare Kentucky Coffee tree.

Just eight years later, over 500 acres were protected! In 2003, we surpassed 1,000 acres protected. Five years later, in 2008, the Conservancy has protected 2,000 acres across the county, and in 2020, we have just over 3,000 acres of environmentally-significant lands in Waukesha County protected in perpetuity thanks to a highly engaged and active volunteer board of directors, our dedicated committee members, supporters, and community leaders. 

Today, our mission is to protect and care for environmentally significant land and water in Waukesha County for future generations. 


WCLC has six core values: 

  1. Strong land ethic based on science
  2. People, Partners, and Community Engagement
  3. Solid Financial Management
  4. Personal and Organizational Accountability
  5. Trust and Transparency
  6. Organizational Excellence 
WCLC Board of Directors, Staff, and Interns


Steven D. Schmuki


Immediate Past President

Ellen Gennrich

Land Conservation Advocate


Vice President

Neal O’Reilly, PhD

Prof of Environmental Studies



Joe Nolan
Co-owner, Good Harvest Market


Riene Wells

Owner, Eagle Centre House

Pamela S. Angst

Owner, Aetech Corporation


Andres E. Gonzalez

Vice President,

Chief Diversity Officer

Froedtert Health

Jim Siepmann


Siepmann Realty Corp.

Bill Reichenbach

Jeffrey Koeberl
Previous Muskego Lakes Land Conservancy President


Meghan Wersel

Stewardship Manager


Nathaniel Kinney

Land Protection & Finance Manager

Justine Ghai (Bio)

Education & Outreach Manager