Established 1992

Waukesha County Land Conservancy

Protecting and caring for environmentally significant land
and water in Waukesha County for future generations.

Since 1992, The Waukesha County Land Conservancy has worked quietly and efficiently at fulfilling its mission of protecting environmentally significant lands in Waukesha County. Nearly 2,900 acres of primary environmental corridor, undisturbed shoreline, pristine floating bog, uplands, woodlands and wetlands are preserved for generations to come.

The Waukesha County Land Conservancy is a land trust that is not for profit, tax-exempt, & all volunteer organization funded through memberships and other donations.

With the assistance of professional biologists, naturalists and other land professionals, the Waukesha Land Conservancy is seeking to protect the most environmentally significant remaining natural areas for the public benefit. When used in this way, the term

Preservation can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Establishing conservation easements
  • Accepting land donations
  • Purchasing land
  • Working with public or private entities to protect environmentally sensitive sites.

Thanks to the many individuals, corporations and foundations whose donations have helped us fulfill our mission.  There is still land that needs to be preserved and your continued support is essential.
WCLC Board of Directors, Staff, and Interns

Board of Directors

Steven Schmuki

Vice President
Susan Marguet
Retired Attorney

Phillip J. Hinman
Community Volunteer

Riene Wells
Owner: Eagle Centre House

Executive Director
Cheryl White
Immediate Past President
Ellen Gennrich
Land Conservation Advocate

Pamela S. Angst

Owner, Aetech Corporation


Andres E. Gonzalez

Vice President,

Chief Diversity Officer

Froedtert Health


Joe Nolan

Co-owner, Good Harvest Market


Neal O’Reilly, PhD

Prof of Environmental Studies



Jim Siepmann


Siepmann Realty Corp.