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Apply for our Deer Hunting Lottery for the 2022-23 Season


The Waukesha County Land Conservancy’s Deer Hunting Lottery was created to allow additional hunting opportunities to the public for increased management of deer. If you are awarded a permit, please remain within WCLC property boundaries at all times. PDF maps in email form and GPS app recommendations can be provided upon request.

Only two properties are currently included in the deer hunting lottery:

  • Ottawa Wildlife Refuge (northern parcel ONLY, see map here)
  • Scuppernong Wetlands (southern parcel ONLY, see map here)

How to enter the deer hunting lottery:

  1. Fill out an application form here
  2. Email or mail the completed application form in by August 26 (applications after August 26 will not be entered)
  3. Pay your $25 application fee (per hunter, per property) online or by mail
  4. If you are randomly selected, you will receive your permit a few weeks after the drawing
  5. If your name was not drawn, we will inform you, and hope you will apply again next year!

Additional lottery information:

The  $25 application fee is charged for each hunter and for each application. Hunters can apply with a “hunting buddy” to increase their chances of receiving a permit. This is non-refundable. No other fees will be charged for hunters chosen in the lottery. 

Each hunting permit issued will be for both gun and archery seasons.

You may hunt with a “hunting buddy”. Both you and your buddy’s names will be put in the pool. If either one is selected, the other automatically receives a hunting permit for the same site(s).

The number of permits to be issued at each site is: 

  • Ottawa Wildlife Refuge - 16
  • Scuppernong Wetlands - 4 

These numbers are based on the size of each site. Applicants must agree to abide by the Hunting Policies on Open Properties.

As a reminder, applications are due August 26th this year.  

Maps are for location purposes only, preserve boundaries are not accurate.

If you have questions about the lottery, policies, or Waukesha County Land Conservancy's hunting program, please contact:

Meghan Wersel

Stewardship & GIS Manager