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WCLC’s Deer Hunting Policies
on Lottery Properties

In an effort to unify and streamline the hunting policies on certain lands owned by Waukesha County Land Conservancy, we have created new guidelines for potential hunters:

·    Deer hunting applications will no longer be sent out each year. It will be the hunter’s responsibility to download and complete the application form found on this web site.

·    The completed form must be mailed to our Hunting Program Coordinator (address below) who will add it to the pool of hunters in the lottery. (People without access to a computer can call or write for a paper application form to be sent to them.)

·    There will be a $10 application fee charged for each application. This is non-refundable. No other fees will be charged for hunters chosen in the lottery.

·    Each hunting permit issued will be for both gun and archery seasons.

·    You may hunt with a “hunting buddy”. Both you and your buddy’s names will be put in the pool. If either one is selected, the other automatically receives a hunting permit for the same site(s).

·    The number of permits to be issued at each site is: Ottawa-16, and Scuppernong-4. (These numbers are based on the size of each site.)

·    Applicants must agree to abide by the Hunting Regulations on Lottery Properties.

·    Applications are due August 1st, of each year.  Only those hunters whose names are randomly drawn from the pool will be notified by mail no later than August 31st. If you do not receive a signed permit by that time, it means your name was not drawn and you will not be further notified. You may apply next year.

Hunting Program Coordinators are:

Erin Johnston, WCLC Hunting Program Coordinator

Meghan Wersel, WCLC Stewardship Manager


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