Established 1992

Waukesha County Land Conservancy

protecting and caring for environmentally significant land
and water in Waukesha County for future generations

Hunting Regulations for
WCLC Properties Open to All Hunting*

The following properties are the ONLY properties that allow all hunting*:

·    Summit Bog
·    Genesee Lake Road Tamarack Preserve (enter through Summit Bog)
·    Carter Family Fen

*All hunting allows ethical-use gun and archery hunting of waterfowl, small game, turkey, big game, and trapping for water trapping and upland trapping.

1. Hunters must harvest a doe on a WCLC property to earn the right to harvest a buck.

2. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

3. No motorized vehicles.

4. A maximum of one deer stand may be set up on the property per hunter.

5. Deer stands may be left up only for the time period you have permission to hunt. Only
non-damaging deer stands may be used. No spikes or screw-in steps allowed. No
stands shall be placed within 100 feet of a property boundary. WCLC assumes no
responsibility for lost or damaged stands. All stands must be removed by February 1st
the following year, or WCLC reserves the right to remove and dispose of said stands.

6. No cutting, clearing or breaking of vegetation. Building of ground blinds with
vegetation is not permitted.

7. No baiting of deer or food plots allowed.

8. No fires, camping, littering (includes plastic flagging) or dumping of waste on the

9. Unnecessary shooting or shooting at targets is not allowed.

10. No hunting is allowed within 200-yard radius of any inhabited dwelling.

11. All local, state, federal laws and ordinances governing hunting activities, including
obtaining all required government licenses must be observed.

12. Any non-compliance with the rules above will result in the proper authorities being contacted.

Hunting Program Coordinators are:

Meghan Wersel, WCLC Stewardship Manager


Waukesha County Land Conservancy
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